Monday, October 4, 2010

More Machine Quilting

I finally got the machine quilting done on the backgrounds of last two mums.  I do like the triangle quilting on the teal flower background but not sure about the purple one.  It almost seems too busy but don't think I will rip it out though. 

I am thinking of doing something to the purple flower to make it stand out and probably the others too.  It blends into the background too much.  Any ideas?  Have thought of crayons, paint sticks, colored pencils but don't know what to try.  I should have considered it before it was fused down and changed it then but didn't.  I had orange and yellow fabric I could have made the flowers from and one of those might have been a better choice.

Well, it is the way it is and now I need to fix it so please give me some ideas.


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