Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Won!

I won a prize, I won a prize, I won! Last Saturday at Threads Across Nebraska they were drawing for door prizes. I forgot to sign up until after lunch so was really surprised to win one of the prizes.
It was this ruler holder made by Grandpa's Woodshop (Ken Reed from Wymore, NE). THANK YOU KEN! I have looked at them before but never purchased one. This one is so nicely made and the wood is so smooth and it even has hangers so it can be hung on the wall.

When I first saw this kind of ruler holder a few years ago they were made to just sit on the table and I didn't have room for that...didn't want to knock it off as I was sewing. This one will hang on the wall just above my pressing area, close to my cutting area so the rulers will be handy but out of the way.

A few years ago when I was one of the winners of the Miniatures from the Heart contest I received a full set of the Omnigrid rulers as a prize. A great prize but so many rulers to find a place to store and keep available. Now I can put my most used rulers in this holder and the others won't be buried so deep in the drawer where I have been keeping them. There are 9 slots to put the rulers but don't think I will fill them all up, at least not right now. I want to be able to have room to grab a ruler without knocking any others out.
 As you can see I left space between the rulers and the 4"x8" ruler is slipped in vertically at the top - easier to grab that way.  I put my largest ruler at the bottom - 6"x 24", then the following going up...3 1/2"x24, 3"x 18", 4"x14, 6"x12", and the top row has the 4"x8" and the 6 1/2"x6 1/2".  I have triangle rulers, some large square ones and some others but these are probably the ones I use the most.

Some of you may wonder what the white thing is on the left side of the photo just above the last photo.  It is a "cord minder" for my iron that clips onto the end of my pressing board.  It has a weighted clip I attach down closer to the plug so when I set my iron back down near that end of the pressing board the cord slides down the "cord minder" and doesn't hook itself over the drawer pulls on the front of the cabinet.  This pressing board is sitting on the top of the old kitchen island and it has two top drawers that are really handy but my iron cord was always getting wrapped around the handles and causing frustration at times.  This solved that problem slick as a whistle!

Happy Quilting,
PS - the white thing I am talking about is on the table.  The other white thing is stuck to a ruler and has suction cups on the ends and makes moving the ruler easier.


Elaine Adair said...

Congratulations! Gotta admit, I was looking at his stuff also! Glad you are already putting it to good use.

The cord minder looks interesting. It almost looks like the 'handles'with suction cups a person can use as a handle for our Rulers -- how does it stick to the surface?

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

Great win and I love that you can hang it on the wall!


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