Friday, September 9, 2011

Another New Window


IMG_4108One more basement window was replaced recently and only one more to go.  It may be a while before the last one is done as the young man that is doing them has a regular job during the week and now it is getting into hunting seasons and he loves hunt, especially wild turkeys. 

I don’t care when it gets done but just glad it is finally getting done.  He is doing a good job so I can be patient.   Patrick had to dig a lot of dirt for this one window and it was all dug by hand.  His brother came over that day to help and got in on the digging too.

Here is the window all installed.  Now anyone could escape if they needed to as it isn’t too far off the floor and is large enough to crawl out.  There is even a ladder on the inside of the window well.IMG_4306
The top is covered with a grate and then covered with a plastic cover so no more corn shucks blown into the window wells – YAY!  Each fall the wind swirls the corn shucks around and fills the window wells and that corner of the house.  Will still have the wind and the shucks but can use a rake to clean them up instead of pulling them out by hand.  I am always leery of that job as sometimes snakes like to keep warm under the piles of shucks in the window wells and that just creeps me out.  I HATE SNAKES!  They scare me and I have to scream every time I happen on one even though they are only Garder snakes and not much longer than a foot and a half at the largest and supposedly harmless. It doesn’t matter – I scream every time and my heart beats like crazy for a while afterwards. 

Here it is all finished with the dirt up around it and the lawn edging back in place.  Mr. Cat (that is his name) our geriatric cat, sitting on the new window well cover looking over his kingdom.  He has to be around 14 years old by now and is starting to show his age.  He does love to hunt yet and we see him with some prey now and again.  He sleeps in the shop but wants out first thing each morning winter or summer and makes his rounds then sits and observes the world the rest of the day.
IMG_4303Until Later,

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Leslie McNeil of MarveLes Art Studios said...

Love the window, it does look like a really nice job! We need to do that, too. Liked hearing about Mr. Cat, too!


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