Thursday, September 29, 2011

Edna and Albert

I noticed that there were two spiders living between the screen and window in our bathroom a few days ago.  I am sure their names are Edna and Albert, don’t you think so?  Every day the two of them are there just hanging out but usually one is near the top of the window and the other is near the bottom.  In this photo Edna is on the back side of the screen and a little larger than Albert who is on the blinds that are between the window and screen.  Albert seems to be a little out of focus though, sorry Albert.

Normally I would not let them stay but have not taken off the screen for a while and vacuumed the dirt, webs and sorry to say the spiders too.  One good thing is that they can’t escape into the house so for right now they can stay.  I need to clean the windows one of these days so maybe I shouldn’t have found out their names as it always hard to vacuum up the neighbors. 

This afternoon Edna (I presume it is Edna as I have read that female spiders are larger than the males) was just walking towards Albert presumably to have a chat about maybe changing their living arrangements but he must have not liked the look in her eyes as he took this defensive pose and didn't want to listen to a word she was saying.  You know most spiders have 4 pairs of eyes so he had a lot check out when he looked into her eyes.  He stayed like that giving her an evil look with his front legs extended and must have said a few stern words to her as she stopped her approach and thought the situation over a bit then high tailed it to the other side of the window as quick as can be.  I wonder what he said….I just don’t speak or understand spider language but know his tone indicated he was not happy.
I am thinking Albert is tougher than he looks but it might be that I am not sure there is anything between the window and screen for them to eat and maybe, just maybe Edna was thinking Albert looked a little tasty.  I have also read that female spiders often times eat the males after mating so if that is the case, Albert’s days just might be numbered.

Have a good day,


Erin in MI said...

Okay, next time warn a girl that you're posting spider stories, eh? LOL!! *shuddering back to my sewing room now*

Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

LOL! ~Kimberlee


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