Friday, September 2, 2011

Tip Time

If you are like me you have several brands, types and weights of threads in your stash.  When the thread is on the spool it is very easy to know what it is as you can just read the label, but how do you keep track when it is wound onto the bobbin unless you keep them together.  I read this tip this somewhere and now I can’t  find it so if you blogged about it please let me know so I can give you credit.  Now here is the super-duper tip for IDing those bobbins.IMG_4296First you buy small bottles of brightly colored nail polish.  Make sure they are different from each other and buy as many as you have different threads.  These tiny bottles cost me less than a dollar each.  IMG_4294
I use plastic bobbin boxes with clear lids so with a permanent marker I wrote the kind of thread in this box on the underside of the lid then put a spot of polish beside the name.  (Remember that I wanted to read it when the lid was closed so had to mirror image the writing.)  Put a small dot of the same color on the side of the bobbin.  Some boxes hold several kinds of thread so they have more than one name written on the lid but each has their own color of polish dot. Now how easy is that?  I love it and now have all my bobbins labeled and I know immediately what kind of thread they are.

If you empty a bobbin you can remove the dots on the metal bobbin with a little polish remover if you are going to wind a different thread on it.  I would caution you not use polish remover on plastic bobbins though unless you know the polish remover will not dissolve the plastic.

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