Monday, September 12, 2011

Second BB Bag - Medium Size


Just finished my second BB Bag from Mickey Beebe.  This one I made more changes to the original pattern.  I used cotton fabric for this bag and only interfaced the outside layers and the pleated front pocket.   

I have been looking for a place to use some of this bird fabric I bought in Paducah last April.  Of course I bought a yard of the fabric and used less than a fat quarter so now I need to figure out how to use the rest.
The outside has one zippered pocket on the back and one straight pocket underneath.  I used a variety of fabrics to piece the front.
I put the white paper sticking out of the zippered pockets so they would show up better.  I added the bottom zippered pocket to hold bills and change and the top zippered pocket will hold my check book.IMG_4367
The next photo shows the pleated pocket – room for odds and ends.
Will be fun to carry this bag – you know I am getting quite a lot of bags made and end up changing my stuff to a new bag pretty often.  Must always remember to double check I have the essentials as it is easy to forget to move something important.

I sure had a mess in my sewing room after making these two bags.  I had to stop before I finished this one to clean up.  I was running out of places to put things down.  Now to clean it up so I can work on a different project.



Carol said...

Love it. Looks like a great bag for a quilt show!

elnorac said...

Love how you altered this pattern to make it work better for you! I just finished my first bag from this pattern. I made the middle one, the traveler You can search on my name, elnorac, on Flickr if you'd like to see it. It's my latest upload. I loved making the bag and couldn't resist trying reverse applique, which I just learned about, on it! Thanks for sharing your lovely work! I wish there was a Flickr group for Mickey Beebe's bags.


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