Friday, September 16, 2011

Museum Display

What an honor to have my doll beds and the quilts I have made for them on display at the local county museum last weekend.   I took 30 of the doll beds that I have made quilts for and all but the three largest fit inside the glass case.  The town was having a celebration over the weekend so it was a short time for them to be on display but lots of people came through the museum.  For small museums they need to record and have everyone sign their guest registry as numbers of visitors determine funding so they are always looking for special displays to get more people in the door.
Here is a close up photo of some of the beds on display in the glass case.  They were not spaced out as much as I wanted them to be but did get them all in the case.  Most are too small to be just sitting out as they would be too tempting to either handle or walk off with.  I would not have had them on display without having them protected somehow.  I had made up cards with information about each bed plus the tiny Teddy Bears I had made to go with some of the beds.  I did go to the museum on Sunday to sit and visit with the people coming through and that was interesting.  Lots had questions about my tiny miniature quilts, where I got the beds, if they are hand pieced or machine pieced, how I come up with the patterns, etc.
This is the third museum where my collection has been on display besides several quilt shows over the years.  I still have about 20 doll beds without quilts stored away in my basement that someday I will get a quilt made for them.  It is fun to share them with the public as they are always surprised at the size.  Miniature quilters out there know there are a lot of tricks and tips to get that tiny piecing done but they do amaze non quilters.

If you are interested, I have shown and talked about a few of my doll beds on this blog on other posts.  You can scroll to the bottom of my blog and click on the label “doll bed” and that will bring up the ones I have written about…at least the posts I got labeled correctly.  You can also click on this LINK to take you to the doll bed pages.  There might be others under miniatures or some such label.

I am running a little heater here in the sewing room/office as it is just too chilly to be comfortable without it.  I was going to start our furnace to take the chill off and it wouldn’t work so John called the repair guy.  He was here by 10:00 am and found out the part he put in last summer to fix the air conditioner was the wrong part to run the furnace too.  The new part will be shipped to him and hopefully it will come in a day or two as the night time temps are down to the middle to low 40s now and that cools our house off just a tad bit.  We may still have hot days once this drippy, rainy weather moves on but for now it is just cold!

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