Monday, December 21, 2009

Best Friends

I have the best friends - you all probably do to. My friend Shirley crocheted this wonderful star ornament for me. It is about 5" across and is starched stiff. It is so pretty hanging on my Christmas tree.

Janet was busy and made these cute things for my purse. The one on the top is a tissue holder and the one on the bottom is a little folding money purse or card holder. They will be so much fun to use.

I made each of the three gals (showed Fays beaded spools in an earlier post.) a beaded bead like the twisted one I made my mother but in other colors of beads. I did forget to take photos of them before I gave them away though.

Got my Christmas letter sent to part of our list - the ones I attach it to an email. That is so easy and so fast, besides saving on postage costs. I still have to mail the rest in the next day or two but need to get more printer ink first. I always try to keep printer ink on hand but didn't get it replaced the last time I used what I had in the cupboard. Have never been this late sending my Christmas greetings but guess they will be read no matter when they arrive.

Still have the two pillowcases to make yet for my sister's grandchildren. I got the fabric washed last night so it won't take long once I get it all pressed and cut out.

My brother is coming here tomorrow. He will be flying into Kansas City and then will have a 4 1/2 to 5 hr. drive from the airport to here. He plans to drive to our home town to see our mother and other relatives on Wed. but he may be snowed in here for a day or so though as a snow storm is predicted for Nebraska Tuesday night and Wed. John and I plan to drive out to be with the family on Christmas day so hope for good weather that day too for us and everyone traveling.


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