Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Look closely at this photo - see the mistake? I didn't notice the mistake in the weaving until after I posted the photo. It will stay the way it is and I will not fix it but thought it was interesting that I have looked at this many times and didn't see it. The same pattern is made for the other side of the bag and what a coincidence that I photographed this side. Would never have seen it otherwise.

Now look closely at the photo below where the arrow is pointing. See that white bead...there should be a blue bead in that position.

The Herringbone Stitch pattern really shows up on this close up view doesn't it? It is not a hard pattern to stitch but I prefer the Peyote stitch. The thing with this stitch is that the stitches have to be put down in pairs and this pattern has an odd number of beads in it so the outside rows on the sides are not the same. One side has 2 rows of blue beads and the other has 3.


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