Saturday, December 5, 2009


Well we are finally, finally done with harvest for the year. John finished combining the last 20 acres for the white corn today. We had to wait almost two weeks for corn to dry in one of the storage bins so several truck loads could be hauled out to make room for the last of it. The corn could not be hauled to the elevator until the moisture was down to 15 - 16%. It went into the bin at 21% and was extremely slow at drying even with added heat and fans.

I did start decorating my house for Christmas today while the last of the corn was being combined. I cranked up the Christmas music so the cleaning before the decorating didn't seem like such drudgery. I have way too many decorations having purchased some over the years, getting lots as gifts, and inheriting some. All I know is it takes a while to get it all out of the boxes.


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Anonymous said...

This weekend I will decorate my house with help of my children .
I love time Christmas.
(Sorry I speak english only a little, but I understand you when you write your blog)


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