Monday, December 7, 2009

Mystery Quilt Carolina Christmas

After stitching up all those Scrapaholic quilt blocks I really have the urge to use up more of my fabric. You know that fabric that has been fermenting in the closet, some of it for years. It would be nice to see those boxes and boxes be reduced a little.

Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville is doing another mystery that just started after Thanksgiving. She has the best scrap quilt patterns and instructions on her web page so take a look if you have not been to the Quiltville web page. This mystery is called Carolina Christmas and so far she has posted the first two steps. Her plan is to use reds, greens, gold and neutral fabrics in her quilt but I have chosen to use blues, greens, golds and off white fabrics for mine. I really had a hard time finding enough gold fabrics in my stash so have some that are more tan but think they will work. Bonnie is using multiple greens and reds but only one gold. I just don't have many fabrics larger than fat quarters and I refuse to buy any more fabric unless I can't find something that will work in my stash.

Here is the stack of fabrics I pulled today for this project laid out on my sewing room floor.

Anyone else doing this mystery? If you feel the urge just visit the web page and download the instructions. She says this mystery is one that will be in a book at some point so will only will be on the web page for a limited amount of time.


....... No, to answer your question, I do not have the borders even cut let alone stitched for the Scrapaholic quilt but wanted to start this project. I know I will not be keeping up with the mystery steps but started now anyway. Will fit the cutting and stitching of those borders in somewhere but probably after Christmas.


FLO_rancher said...

I visited Bonnie's site the Carolina Christmas looks like a fun adventure. Sew Peacefully Deb};o

Elaine Adair said...

I'm watching all the varieties of this Mystery Quilt - what fun you all are having - there must be THOUSANDS of quilters making her quilts. I did NOT start this one - still have one to quilt, nicely folded up, looking at me. Enjoy!


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