Friday, December 25, 2009

The Snow Storm Continues

Well it is Christmas Day 2009 and we have watched the blizzard continue all day. The strong winds blew all night so the drifting in the yard and around the house was building up all night. This afternoon the wind came up even stronger with gusts up to 50 mph and more snow so the visibility was even less. Took this video about noon today before it got quite so bad.

The large drift of snow behind the house near my sewing room had melted and shrunk last week to about 3 feet tall but the last two days it has drifted to taller than it was before. To give you a little perspective the thing sticking up from the middle of the drift is a plant hanger thing that is a little over 6" tall and the drift is at least a foot taller than it is.

John tried to clear some of the driveway out with the tractor and front end loader this morning but gave up as it was drifting shut as fast as he was clearing it. This is the tractor his friend and he went to Hastings to get on Wed. when the roads were so icy. It was up there to be fixed and was done Wed. am so John decided to get it as he knew that would be his only chance with this storm moving in. He is so glad it is home but until the wind stops blowing he really can't do any clearing of the snow.

This is the apple tree across the driveway from the house. This storm has grown in intensity all day and original predictions were for it to be over today but now they say it might be tomorrow when the winds die down. I keep saying all our snow should be blown clear to Oklahoma by now!

This will certainly be a Christmas to remember. We were supposed to be spending the day with my mom, another brother, and another sister today and tomorrow our kids and grandkids were supposed to come for our Christmas together and now it will be held maybe next weekend. You do learn that if you live here in the Central United States, especially if you live in the country, that in the winter you have to be real flexible and things can change quickly at times because of the weather.

Our daughter and her family that live about 40 minutes north of us is spending the night at her in-laws. They drove two large tractors from their house towards the in-laws so they could check on their cows and calves and got one of them stuck in the middle of the road about a half a mile from their destination. They did get it out but had to find another way for the tractor that S was driving as she couldn't get through. She had to find a driveway into a field and go along the edge of the field. She said that she could not see but a foot or two in front of the tractor at that point. It took them over an hour to get from their home to the in-laws and they only live between 3 and 4 miles apart.

My brother is still here and will be for at least most of tomorrow until we are assured that it is safe for him to drive to our mothers. We sat at the table and watched the snow and blowing snow for quite some time today. It was kind of like watching a fire in a fireplace, rather mesmerizing. Thank goodness for a nice warm home, good air tight windows, plenty of food and electricity that so far has stayed on.


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