Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Pillowcases

Spent the day making pillowcases for our 4 grandchildren for Christmas. It was so much fun to choose fabrics for the different children. One little girl likes anything with horses, a preschool boy is in love with the movie Cars, race cars for the little older boy and pink leopard print for the oldest girl.

These pillowcases were really fast and easy to make. I used the method described in the YouTube video posted below. (I hope it gets posted OK as I have not done this before.) Anyway back to the pillowcase instructions - had never thought of putting a pillowcase together this way before. It was quicker than any I have ever done before and the seams are all enclosed so now there will not be any raveling either. Need to get fabric for two more for nieces and nephews and make them yet. I forgot about them when I was getting fabric for my grandkids so will pick up something when I get to Grand Island on Wednesday.

I made pillowcases for the 3 older grandchildren several years ago and they used them all the time. The little one wasn't born when I made them last time so am excited for him to have a pillowcase made especially for him. I am requesting that all the kids bring their own pillows when they come so after they open them they can use them that much fun will that be!

OK - here goes, keep your fingers crossed that the YouTube video will post below.....

Until Later,


Anonymous said...

I love me some sausage style pillowcase making. Always good for a quick pick me up.

Katey said...

Thank you so much for this! I just made my first one for my 5 year old and she loves it. Now to make one for my 2 year old and husband! Really clear and super easy to understand! Thank you! Makes transitioning to new beds a lot more fun for my girls!


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