Thursday, February 4, 2010

Around the Twist Finished

I am calling this quilt done! Not my finest work but with a UFO this old I am just glad it is finished. I measured and measured the excess backing fabric I had and came up short about 8" no matter how I figured so could not cut it off to make the binding from it. I have never just folded the backing over to the front for a binding before and don't think I will ever do it again. I found it to be too stretchy and hard to get even. It is done now, thank goodness but was a big pain in the neck. The outside is a little wobbly but after working with it for a while I decided I had better quit as it was getting worse.

I did miter the corners of the binding so it sort of looks like regular binding. Was tricky to get the miter - had to trim out extra bulk to make the folds and fiddle with it quite a bit on each corner. I did machine stitch the folded edge with a small blanket stitch.

I have been asked what I used for batting (Hobbs cotton ) and what quilting thread I used (Bottom line on the top and bobbin). You might ask why I used these give you the simple answer they are what I had here on hand at home. I wanted to start quilting on this piece right away so just pulled my thread stash out and picked out what I thought was the best choice.

As far as the batting goes when I basted this piece I was again not going shopping and thank goodness I found a piece of batting that was large enough so used it. Seems like I am never planning ahead to get my thread and/or batting and when you live an hour away from the closest quilt shop sometimes it is a little inconvenient to say the least.

OK, now what am I going to do with this quilt? I don't have a clue! It is too small for a lap quilt unless a nursing home might want it for a person in a wheel chair. It really doesn't go with the decor in my house either. All I can say tonight is thank goodness IT IS DONE!!!

Until Later,


Jen said... that a Trudie Hughes quilt? I work in the shop she used to own. I'm used to seeing her patterns around town but it's fun for me to see them out in blog world!

tich said...

Well done! Really pretty!

Angela said...

Hi Lynn! Thanks for visiting my blog : ) Looking forward to looking through your blog posts. I just attempted my 1st quilting yesterday. The layers are pinned but my 1st line of quilting is wacked out...maybe not enough pins. Might email you and see if you have any thoughts.


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