Saturday, February 20, 2010

Horse on a Snow Mountain

John took Bart on a walk today around the yard and decided to climb on one of the many snow piles. These are not just snow drifts which could be soft and cause the horse to sink in but they are the piles that are very firm as they were piled and pretty well packed by the loader and tractor. This pile has melted - I know it is hard to believe but it was about twice as high at first. There is still a lot to go yet though.

Actually I think he wanted to play on the pile of snow like the grandchildren love to do. He looked over at me standing on the deck to make sure I saw him just like they do too.

Well, Bart didn't mind climbing up and walking on the pile but when John wanted to lead him down he decided that really wasn't what he wanted to do. John tried several times to coax him down, climbed back up himself and gave him some reassurance. Still on top and it didn't look like he would come off the pile of snow. He wasn't upset, just refused to climb down.

John finally walked him around and back the way he came and he went down that way so back up they came for more walking around. Maybe he would walk down the way John wanted now - NOPE NOT GOING TO DO IT! After all it looked pretty scary for him.

I knew John would not stop until he got him to come down where he wanted him to and kept working with Bart. He got him to back down then up they went again and this time he went down front first. Guess he decided it wasn't so bad after all. After going up and down several more times they walked back to the barn for Bart to get some hay as a treat for being a brave boy.


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