Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentines for the Grandkids

Today I made Valentines for my 4 grandchildren. These were so easy to make and will be fun to fill with a Valentine message and a mailable treat. Now I must get them mailed soon so they will arrive by Saturday. We could hand deliver them but kids love to get mail so will send them to the kids.

I got the pattern and directions on how to weave it together from this website. I had seen patterns for these woven hearts with 3 cut strips but never with 4 before and thought it was nice to have more of a woven area. Normally these are made with paper but you know fabric is what I have so fabric is what I used.

I fused two pieces of fabric together to give it stability then cut out the two parts for each woven heart. The parts are easy to weave together but I had to keep referring to the diagrams to do them right. The handle is also made of two pieces of fabric fused together then tacked with a stitched heart to the woven hearts. I set my machine to stitch one motif of the heart embroidery stitch to attach the strap to the front and back of the heart.

Until later....

PS - I forgot to say I had seen some fabric woven hearts on the blog Finishing Lines and that gave me the idea to make the ones for my grandchildren.

1 comment:

Scott said...

Dear Lynn,

We love these Danish woven hearts, and your fabric variations are charming! Thanks for sharing!



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