Saturday, February 20, 2010

A New Ride

This is the car (Ford Crown Victoria) we have been driving for many years - actually this isn't a photo of our car but a photo of one just like the one we owned. It had 140,000 miles on it when we traded it off for a new car last week. It still looked good and had not had too many problems so far but it was time to get something newer before it did.

Last Friday we came home with a brand new midnight blue Ford Edge. John has wanted to get a SUV for some time and I was the one dragging my feet. The Ford Edge is not technically called a SUV but is labeled a Crossover. Guess it is a cross between a SUV and Station Wagon.

The interior looks like this but is light tan like the second photo. Like anything now days there is a lot of technology built into the Edge. It has a built in navigation system, satellite radio, weather maps, plus lots of other features. One thing it can do is sync my cell phone to the car and I can make and talk without using the phone but use buttons on the steering wheel to call or answer calls.

One of the things I have really enjoyed is the seat warmers. These cold days it is nice to turn them on and get toasty warm in just a few minutes.

We had ordered this car several months ago and it came in just last Thursday. We had to squeeze in a trip to the dealer to pick it up on Friday before we left on a trip to Atlanta, Georgia the next day. You didn't know it but I was gone for a week and posted my blog entries before I left so you would have something to read while I was away. Love that feature on Blogger. (Bet you wondered why I dragged out the border discussion on the split 9 patch quilt over several days.)

We left on Saturday driving the new car to the airport then left it there and flew to Atlanta, Georgia until Thursday this week when we flew home. John had a convention and I went along and hung out with a friend while her husband and mine were in meetings. We did get to see a few of the sights in the city before we left and had some wonderful dinners at local restaurants!

The Edge is a little different to drive than our old Crown Vic but it sure is nice. I think I can force myself to enjoy driving it! Probably the hard part will be finding it in a parking lot after shopping.

I am trying to play catch up now here at home - you know how it is after you have been gone for a while. I did get the laundry done and the backing fabric pressed for my split 9 patch quilt but that was about it yesterday. Today was a wash out though as we went to watch our granddaughters bowl in a tournament with their dad. They were so excited and got scores better than their averages so that was fun for them.

One thing I hated about being gone was missing watching some of the Olympic events. We did see some after we got back to the hotel each night though. I really like watching all the events so have parked in my chair in front of the TV the last two days.

Home again,

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tich said...

Glad you had a nice trip. Like the car. Seat warmers!!!


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