Thursday, February 11, 2010

Split Nine Patch

The center of the split 9 patch is all together now just waiting for borders. I do like the high contrast of most of the blocks and it is indeed scrappy. Some of these fabrics are so old and were purchased back in the 80s and are quite ugly by themselves but in combination are working together nicely. When I get this quilt finished I am going to stop working on scrap quilts for a while I think as I am tired of looking at all these old fabrics and want to work on something else.

I have a guessing game for you - what color/colors do you think I will use for the border/borders of this quilt? I have it figured out myself but take a guess and see if you can read my mind or read what colors I pull from this scrap quilt.

I am going to backpedal a little and say I may work on another old quilt but it is all pieced and partially machine quilted so wouldn't take so much work to get it done. Time will tell what I decided to work on next.



paula, the quilter said...

Today, Marcie over at Patchalot More has a photo of a split 9-patch on which she is working. Great minds!

tich said...

I really like your scrap quilt. I have a lot of materials older than the eighties! I might just try something like this. Colours - dark blue and some kind of red, maybe burgandy? No matter what colours you use, it will look great!


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