Friday, February 26, 2010

Atlanta Trip

John and I had a great time while we were in Atlanta for his convention. He is on a board of a rural electric public power company and was attending the national convention. While he was in meetings I attended a few of the speaker sessions they had for spouses. One presenter I enjoyed was Charlotte Stallings who's talk was titled "Today Doesn't Dictate Your Tomorrow." She told us all things which most of us know but forget at times so it was good to be reminded. Another session I enjoyed was presented by Michael Benidt and Sheryl Kay of Golden Compass. I took lots of notes during their presentation titled "Hidden Treasures of the Internet:Get More Efficient With Your Time Online." They gave lots of hints for using Google more efficiently, etc. They do have a blog which I am reading now and you can find the link to it on their website.

Along with all the meetings John had to attend we also got to attend the concert put on by the group Sawyer Brown. We had wonderful seats - were 7 rows from the front and center of the seating. The group is energetic and have been together for many years - Mark Miller being a great lead vocalist. They won the Star Search TV talent contest in 1983, a forerunner to American Idol and the other TV talent contests now. The concert was wonderful!

After the meetings were over we had time to tour part of a day before our plane left the next day. We toured CNN first. It was a very interesting tour and learned a lot about live TV news broadcasting.

The Atlanta Aquarium was next on the list - lots of fish to look at including the very large Whale Sharks.

A photo of my friend Sue and I at the Aquarium. Was nice to have another couple we knew at the convention. We had a great time sightseeing and of course eating out in the evenings.

Atlanta is the headquarters for the Coca-Cola company so took in that tour too. At the end of the tour we could taste about 48 different kinds of Coke products from around the world. Some were good, some OK, and some were just awful! Outside the building the trash cans are even shaped like Coca-Cola bottles - of course John and I had to pose for a photo beside one.

Of course we had to eat out and chose restaurants different than what we can find here in Nebraska, especially rural Nebraska. We enjoyed eating at an Irish Pub - mmm wonderful corned beef and cabbage and at a southern style restaurant where I had a fried chicken meal and pot licker appetizer. If I understood correctly it is a soup/broth like concoction of turnip greens, pork rind cooked in broth and served with corn bread that you crumble up into it before you eat it. It was certainly yummy!

We had a great trip there and back and have now been home for a week trying to still catch up on everything. The only regret I have is that the temperature was not warmer when we were there. We have had such cold, cold temperatures here at home I wanted just a few days of milder weather....oh well, we still had fun.

By the way it is warmer here today - at 2:30 it was up to 43 degrees so some of the snow is melting a little. Still have a lot to go though.


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Hand Quilting Nana said...

Sounds like you really enjoyed your visit to Atlanta. I live south of there a few miles. Just wanted to let you know this has been the coldest winter here since we moved here 43 years ago.

We went to Florida last week to warm up and guess what!! Record cold down there. You can't escape it.


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