Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Blog Giveaway Winner

I am a winner and very lucky to have won the blog give away from Kathy Sperino of the blog Finishing Lines.  What a great give away it was too. 

Pictured below are the three things that arrived in my package – a book “The Devil’s Puzzle by Clare O’Donohue, a hand crafted  leather patchwork book marker and a beautiful, beautiful machine quilted zippered pouch.  I love them all!IMG_5384
I especially love the little zippered pouch.  The machine quilted feathers on the green silk fabric are exquisite and love the bright pink zipper and pink silk lining.  I am considering adding a shoulder strap of some kind so I can carry it as a small purse/bag.  It would hold the essentials and I would love to show it off too.IMG_5387
Take a good look at Kathy’s beautiful quilting on this bag…..wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

In case all of you who read my blog frequently have been wondering, I have not been sick, not been on vacation, not recovering from any surgery or any other reason that would be valid for not posting for a week and a half.  Life got in the way.  I normally type up my blog posts while I am watching TV in the evenings and the last week I have been knitting some dish cloths.  During the day I just can’t find time to blog for some reason. 

Hopefully now that we are done with harvest I will have more time….yes we finished yesterday.  Still have some harvest related things I want to share so maybe I can get those posts done soon.

We are glad to be done with harvest as today a storm has moved in and it is raining off and on and snowing off and on and the wind is blowing like the dickens!  I know there are a lot of farmers, including my brother that are not done so need to not be too happy or gloat about it but we are happy to have some moisture as the ground is really dry here.  I wanted to get some divisions of Hostas planted and I couldn’t even get the shovel into the ground very easily so maybe now I can.  Think I need to water my flower beds if they don’t get soaked up with this rain/snow.  The snow is melting as soon as it hits the ground as it is still above freezing.


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Erin in MI said...

Snow!?! Holy cats, Batman!! LOL We haven't seen those white flurries yet in Michigan, but I know they're not far away.

I just wanted to tell you that I tried your method of edging a fleece blanket tonight and it's a very quick and easy finish! I was able to do the entire thing in a couple of hours, that's including the measuring and cutting! Thank you for posting this method, I really appreciate it!


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