Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wow, Lots and Lots of Blog Visitors


I am always interested in who and where my blog visitors are from and how many people are visiting my blog.  That is why I added the Noecounter widget and the Feedgit Live Traffic Feed widget to the side bar of my blog a few months after I started blogging.  Both have a free Untitled-2version which I have, and a paid version.  I am not sure blogger had the Stats page when I started my blog in 2008 or I just didn’t know about it then so added these two widgets to keep track of those things but now think you can get so much more information from the Stats area of Blogger that I check it out pretty often too.

I look at Feedjit every few days to see what sites people have arrived from and it is always interesting to me to see what countries my visitors are from.  Like I said I don’t look at it every day but have been paying attention to the total number of visitors the Noecounter says have visited lately as I was almost up to 30,000 visitors on Saturday and thought it would be fun to see it turn over.

Last night when I got home from a very nice dinner with our daughter and her family I turned on the computer and brought up my blog andIMG_4668[3] was amazed the number was up to almost 50,000 and when I clicked on the Feedjit widget to see it live, the number of hits on my blog were turning over the entire list every 5 minutes or less and most of visitors were looking at one particular blog post  Easy No Sew Fleece Blanket Edging that I posted on September 23, 2011.  I had posted it on the Sew Many Ways blog as she has a Sew Darn Crafty Party every Sunday where you can link one of your blog posts of a project you have worked that week or any other time.  I posted a link to this blog on week 33 in September and since that time have had quite a few hits from her site.  The large increase the last few days has come I think because it has been re-posted several times to Pinterest.  I have seen several other referring sites too but think the Pinterest is the “biggy”.  As you can see from the Neocounter numbers at the bottom my visitor numbers are up to 65,239 visitors (this was at 4:00 pm Monday) and up to 123 different countries and it was 117 countries just a few days ago.  I also have more people following my blog than before too so that is quite exciting for me.  I do know the Stats page of blogger has a lot more hits than 65,000 so don’t know which is correct but do know that the number has grown lots recently as well.

I have posted several times to Sew Many Ways craft party and get lots of hits each time.  Another popular one is when I posted last fall to the Sunday Sew Darn Crafty Party about making the Christmas Stockings from old, worn out jeans.  Another quick and easy project and they were so fun to make and my family loved them.  There are several posts where I try to give detailed instructions on how to make them and tips so to make it easy the links are collected on my Tips and Tutorial Page.  The Denim pot holder has also been getting it’s share of hits and it is posted on the Tips and Tutorial Page so check it out too if you are interested.

I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who reads what I write and can understand my stories about my quilting/sewing life and the farm and daily living entries I have posted over the years.  I am not a professional writer by any means and try to re-read my posts to make sure they make sense and are easy to understand and am always thrilled with comments or questions and I try hard to respond to every one.  I love that over 100 people are “Following” me publicly now too.   When I started this blog in March of 2008 I didn’t tell anyone I was doing it for over a year…..just let my posts hang out there on the internet for anyone that could find them.  Gradually I told people and joined a few lists where posts would get publicized so it has been slow growth but I have enjoyed blogging immensely over the years.  It is a great way to document my sewing/quilting and to put into words the things that go on in my life and on our farm.  Many people don’t live on farms or have any association with farmers so really don’t know what and how we do things in this modern age on a mid western farm here in the United States so hopefully I have helped fill in the gaps of knowledge there too.  Great to get to know a few of you too when I follow your blogs and correspond with you – my theory is the more friends a person has the richer they are in life.

Ta, ta for now and I will be watching that counter roll and roll.



Jessica said...

I found your blog via Pinterest. When I clicked thought the fleece blanket post and you post came up I was surprised to see Nebraska in your blog title. Grand Island is my home town! Nice to see a blog from the Midwest. :)

Kathie said...

I too found you through Pinterest and was pleasantly surprised to see Nebraska. I grew up in Lincoln. While I lived in the "city" it too had that pleasant Nebraska feel to it (at least where I grew up). Keep up the good work/posts.

Becky said...

I think you have a connection with many of us out here. It seems so many bloggers are from the east or the west, so it's nice to see a fellow farm girl in blog-land! I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog. Thanks for being there!


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