Friday, November 4, 2011

Grain Elevator

This is another post on harvest.  My mother visited us for a couple of days so we went for a ride to the local elevator where we take our grain.  She enjoys getting out and seeing things that are going on as she lived on the farm where I grew up for over 50 years and misses seeing all the activity. IMG_5266
We store a lot of our own grain but most of the landlords share gets hauled to the elevator right at harvest time.  This photo was taken 1/2 mile south of the grain elevator and as you can see a large pile of corn is being dumped west of the silos.  The elevator silos and extra bin storage is full so excess corn is piled on the ground and gradually cleaned up and put on trains later this winter.  I just asked John as I was typing this post and he said there is probably close to 1 million bushels of corn in this pile alone plus there is a pile about half that size across the road east of the main elevator.  This is a very busy elevator located along a main line Union Pacific railroad track.  Grain hauled to this elevator comes from farms 10 to 15 miles away and closer.  Our area of Nebraska is mostly farm ground with farmsteads (barns, houses, cow lots, etc.) scattered here and there but it is mostly farm ground and it produces lots and lots of grain.

These two photos were taken on the road right in front of the elevator.  You can peek at the big pile to the west behind the large bin and the smaller pile to the east of the road.
The photo below was taken from 1/2 mile north of the elevator looking across a harvested field of corn and you can see both piles and all the silos and bins where grain is stored.IMG_5284
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Jeanette said...

It is beautiful. Thank you for being my farmer.


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