Saturday, November 5, 2011

Improved Basting Boards

I have used Sharon Schamber’s method of basting the three layers of a quilt together with the use of two boards for several years.  Sharon has a couple of great videos on YouTube here and here that shows in great detail how she does it.  When you have time check out her other videos as she goes in great detail no matter what she is teaching on her videos.IMG_4873When I basted this mystery challenge quilt (that I can’t show you yet) I improved the technique a little.  I took my two boards and marked the center point and then marked one inch increments to the end of the boards.  I numbered the center at 0 then 1s on either side, then 2s next and so on to the last mark.  I can position my top and backing more easily on the center of the boards after marking the center of the quilt and the quilt backing.IMG_4875
I use painter’s tape to get my backing and quilt top started on the boards then carefully roll them up, keeping the ends as even as I can so it is rolled straight.
Lay the batting on a section of unrolled backing smoothing it to the backing then center a portion of the unrolled quilt top smoothing it down too, then baste the layers together.  I keep my basting lines about 2 fingers distance apart.
You did get a peek at which panel I choose to work on but now you can wonder what I did to it.  It is really hard not to share everything I am doing to this quilt as I am working on it.  May give you a few more sneak peeks before I finish it……just have to wait and see.



Stitches said...

hmmm, this looks very interesting. I will have to check it out again on Sharon's You Tube. I always find it hard to find a place large enough to do basting. However, I have liked using the basting spray on a lot of projects. Have you tried it? I like the 505 basting spray better than Sulivan's but haven't tried any others yet.

Janet said...

I've never seen this method before. I too use spray basting. I'll have to check out the videos. This is my least favorite part of quilting--making the sandwich. I'm always looking for a better and easier way.

Elaine Adair said...

Brilliant to use measuring marks to keep all in order.

Question - would ROUND PVC pipe work better? I am still having occasional issues with little pleats in the back. Even taping the backing down, and pinning and/or basting requires a lot of fiddling.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Great ideas to add to a great basting method. Thanks for the top tips :o)


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