Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Uh-Oh….A Couple Of Quilting Boo-Boos!

I was just whizzing along doing the machine quilting on the guild Panel Challenge and didn’t even know I had a portion turned under, so you can guess what happened.  Yes I quilted part of the edge to the center so had to rip out that part of the quilting and re-do it.  I do remember that the machine seemed to be working hard and I was figuring I would need to change needles and clean out the lint as I thought that might be the problem.IMG_4974
I got it ripped out and was sailing along again and so proud of myself for how the quilting was going.  Had a stopping point so took it out of the machine and spread it out to look at it…..beautiful!  I wondered how the back was looking so flipped it over.  (I was quilting with black thread on the top and gold thread on the back so wondered if the tension was still good as I didn’t want a lot of black thread showing and this is what I saw.  IMG_5151
What a pretty piece of fabric don’t you think?  Very pretty, but it sure doesn’t belong on the back of this quilt and it is two layers of fabric as well.  This is a folded piece that I use for a leader or ender when chain sewing pieces together.  I wonder how it got stuck to the back of my quilt and where it came from?  Wherever it came from I stitched it down good and it had to be removed.  I didn’t want to rip out my stitching so tried a very scary technique as I used a very sharp, skinny pointed scissors to cut just on the outside of the stitches.  I then used tweezers to pull the blue fabric threads from under the stitches.  It took a while but I was successful – YAY!IMG_5153
This procedure is not for the faint of heart to be sure.  There are a few fuzzies of blue still in the stitches but those will be removed with painters tape and even I won't be able to find the spot later. I do have a few black dots of the top thread showing on the back but not bad enough to remove.  Onward now to finish quilting this quilt!

Until later,

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Elaine Adair said...

Whew! Been there done that, but was not so good with removing the unwanted fabric a bit at a time - you have a gift of patience!

I quilted my quilting glove to the back of the quilt one time. Dumb! LOL And the worse of it is that I was LOOKING for it beforehand, wanting to put it on, but didn't take the extra time to actually FIND it until too late. If it's possible one of us have done it! LOL


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