Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fabric Eyeglass Cases

IMG_2775This was a really quick to make eyeglass case.  I made them for my whole Paducah group – 2 sisters, niece, and 2 friends, plus one for myself so made 6 total.  I found the pattern on this website (Wranglers and Ribbons.)  I followed the directions from the website that had lots of photos to help explain .
These are easy to make with just one little bit of a  tricky part.   Here are my photos of the construction and my comments on how I made them.IMG_2732Cut three pieces for each eyeglass case using the pattern from this webpage (About.com)  One fabric for the outside of the eyeglass case, one for the lining and a piece of thin batting.  Make sure you flip the pattern to get two pieces that will fit together when stitched.  It doesn’t matter if they are the opposite as the opening will slant down the opposite way.  I purchased this dogwood fabric last year at Paducah so is the perfect choice.IMG_2734-copyLayer the three pieces with the bottom layer being the batting, outside fabric face up  is next and the lining piece facing down onto the top of the stack.IMG_2740Stitch 3 sides with a 1/4” seam starting at the flat bottom, up the side, across the curved top and down the other straight side.  Backstitch at both ends.  Trim the seam to approximately 1/8”.IMG_2742 Now this next part is the tricky part.  Push the seam from the short side over to the other seam on the long side.  Push the two seams tightly together.IMG_2743IMG_2746Fold it flat and pin through all the layers including the pushed in seam.  Stitch approximately 1/8” deeper seam from the top to the bottom, backstitching the start and ending of the seam.  Make sure you are catching the seam you pushed to the inside.Trust me this will work, even though it is confusing right now.IMG_2752Clip the top corner at an angle to help reduce the bulk before turning .IMG_2757Grab the lining fabric and turn the entire piece inside out using a sharp point to push out the top corner.
Smooth out the open bottom and pin closed.  Make sure there are no pleats in the two fabrics or batting before you stitch across the bottom with a 1/4” seam, backstitching at each end of the seam.  Clip the corners to reduce bulk then zig zag the edge to prevent it from raveling as this seam will be exposed on the bottom inside of the case when it is used.IMG_2765IMG_2767
Turn the entire sunglasses case right side out pushing out the corners.  They won’t make an exact square corner because there is so much bulk there but do the best you can.IMG_2771IMG_2769TA Da – all done..  Isn’t that sort of magic the way the seams connect with lining and the top fabric all at one time!  Here are all the cases, each a little different from the one next to it but all similar.  The reason some are open from the opposite side is the way the pieces were cut.  Must have laid the pattern down on the fabric on some of them one way and some the other way.  Doesn’t matter at all though.IMG_2778Am excited to present these so have had to keep this a secret and not post about them until now as we left for Paducah today for another fun filled trip.



Rhonda said...

Great tutorial and gift idea. Thanks for sharing!!

Jean Belle said...

Thanks for sharing this. I'll have to try it. The Dogwood fabric is absolutely beautiful!!

Stitches said...

Thanks for showing how you did it...have a great trip. It would be fun to go again, I have only been to Paducah once and it was awesome..

YankeeQuilter said...

What a great project! Enjoy Paducah...I've gone the last 4 years but due to some medical stuff need to stay home...post lots of photos please!!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

What a fantastic tutorial! so clever the way it comes together!


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