Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Quilting with Floriani Thread

IMG_2146This is Floriani Embroidery thread, the kind used in embroidery machines or regular machines with embroidery modules.  I decided to try it for quilting since the Isacord thread was also an embroidery thread for the same use and it quilted just fine.IMG_2145

Floriani thread is a 40 weight/2 ply polyester thread and I used a size 12 topstitch needle to do the stitching on my Bernina 730 using the BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator.)  The bobbin thread used was Bottom Line by Superior Threads. 

I did stitch using the default length (2) and tension (4.0) and it stitched beautifully.  It has a great shine and the backtracking was not hard to do.  The backtracking darkened those lines a little but not overly so.  I don’t know what the batting was in this sample but can tell it is some sort of cotton but don’t know the brand or type.

I would definitely use this thread to quilt another piece.  The color selection of this thread is great since embroiders need lots of tints and shades to do their embroidery so you can buy just about any color your little hear desires. 

This small cone does have a place on the bottom to wrap the thread tails but the thread was so slick it wanted to slide off the spool in spite of having the tail secured.  I used one of the pony tail holders on the center of the spool and this contained the fly away thread.

It sure was a lot of fun to stitch these samples as I got to practice some old favorite quilting designs and try new ones.  These samples will be a great resource for ideas in the future.

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