Sunday, April 28, 2013

Machine Quilting With Mettler Silk Finish Thread

IMG_2820I have lots of colors of this Mettler Silk Finish thread in my thread stash.  I have used it for general sewing of clothing and for hand applique but never tried it for machine quilting before now.  It is a 50 weight/3 ply thread that is 100% cotton.  I would say it is a medium weight thread with very little lint left in the machine.IMG_2567Other facts – Bernina stitch regulator (BSR), size #12 topstitch needle, 2.0 stitch length, 4.5 tension.  I did find that I should have adjusted the tension a bit tighter.  The batting in this sample is Fairfield 80 cotton/20 polyester.  

I have had good luck using this thread for hand applique and use it for piecing quilt blocks together and now can say I liked using it for machine quilting too.  The backtracking does build up and look a little heavier but it wasn’t a problem stitching through the multiple layers of thread.

I will use this thread again for machine quilting when I want a medium thread.


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