Friday, April 12, 2013

Machine Quilting With Highlights from Superior Threads

IMG_2163Wow – my first words when I got this thread in the mail, one of the few I bought just to try for this machine quilting project.  This is Highlights by Superior Threads and is 40 weight trilobal polyester thread.  I could not find any information about how many ply and when I tried to untwist it seemed like just a bunch of fibers twisted together.  Again trilobal is the shape of those fibers in a triangle shape instead of round so it reflects light and makes it very shiny and so very pretty. (This shade of turquoise is probably one of my most favorite colors so that didn’t hurt my thinking it was a pretty thread.)IMG_2162This sample has an unknown batting and used a 14 topstitch needle, default tension and stitch length with my Bernina 730 and using the BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator.)  Backtracking shows where I traveled over a line 3 times like the stem of the feather but the other areas where I only backtracked once over the original line it wasn’t too heavy. 

I loved quilting with this thread….loved, loved, loved it and would definitely use it again.  The only negative I can think of might be the price as it was a bit more expensive but then again it is a quality thread.  I believe you can get this in a standard spool holding 500 yds. and a large cone.

Until Later,


Stitches said...

another great post, Lynn...I will refer back to your posts many times for sure..great job!!

Mary L. said...

I used Masterpiece for all of my piecing. And I've used it for years for machine quilting in small areas where I'm doing dense quilting but don't want it to be stiff. I think the increased it to 3 ply for that particular that it wouldn't break at high machine quilting speeds.


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