Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pretty Tissue Cover

IMG_2789Another easy gift 'I've made for my Paducah girls – a fabric tissue cover that can be carried in a purse or bag.  This was such an easy gift to make and I used the same fabrics that I used for the eyeglass   cases.  I got the pattern from this website, Stamp, Stitch, Swizzle Sticks  I made my tissue cover/case pretty much like the directions on that site with a few chages.IMG_2779Cut one backing piece 4” x 5 3/4”, cut 2 pieces the same size (4” x 5 3/4”) and press in half with wrong sides together,  Cut 2 pieces of the same or contrasting fabric that are 4”x4” and press in half wrong sides together.IMG_2780Lay out the 4 folded pieces of fabric like the photo above.  The folded edges are placed towards the center.  This configuration reminds me of when you are trying to close a box with flaps where parts of each flap are tucked under the one of another.IMG_2788Lay this piece on the backing fabric piece with the right side of the backing facing the overlapped pieces.  Stitch with a 1/4” seam around the 4 sides and I rounded the corners a bit so when it is turned right side out there will not be a lot of bulk in the corners.  After stitching the seam I zig zagged around the edge to keep it from raveling as it is used.  You could also serge this seam to prevent raveling.

The last step is to turn it right side out, pushing the corners out and fill with folded tissues or one of the small packages of tissues.  Here all 6 of the tissue covers that can be carried in your bag and look pretty too.  IMG_2790I am not kidding these are super easy and fast to make.  Even kids could make them, they are that easy.  Rounding the corners makes them turn so much easier than the square corners and all 4 corners look the same this way too.

When you read this I will be enjoying myself in Paducah – am hoping it is warm so I can finally wear my spring clothes. 

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tich said...

Your presents are lovely. have a great time!


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