Saturday, April 20, 2013

Machine Quilting with Gutermann Polyester Thread

IMG_2817Today’s post is Quilting With Gutermann Polyester Thread.  This is just a general purpose thread that I am sure I purchased to stitch up some clothing and has been stored away waiting to be used again.   This is a 100% Polyester thread and from what I can figure out from the website it is 100 texture which is not the same as weight so can't give you that.  I have not found the ply on the website but from unwinding it I believe it is 2 ply.  This information would be nice to know so that is an improvement that Gutermann could make to it's labeling and to the website. This thread is described as a general purpose sew-all thread.IMG_2174I used Bottom Line by Superior Threads in the bobbin like I have in all the samples I have made.  This Gutermann Poly thread had very little lint and stitched pretty well.  I used a #14 quilting needle and had to adjust the top tension a bit to tighten it some.  Again I used my Bernina 730 (not the newest model) and my BSR foot (Bernina Stitch Regulator) with a stitch length of 2.0.

I don’t know what the batting on this sample was but it looks like some sort of cotton.  Again one of the unmarked scraps in the scrap bag.  I must remember to tag or label my leftovers from now on.

I had never thought about using some of the spools I had stored away from clothing sewing for machine quilting before and found that they do work well for quilting too.  Now that about any thread can be used for quilting it is fun to think I can use up a lot of these threads and they come in so many colors too.

This thread quilted pretty nicely through the layers and didn’t leave real heavy lines where I backtracked.  It stitched out pretty well but it did take a lot of tweaking of the tension which could be due to several factors – batting and pairing it with a thread different than itself for the bobbin.

I would not hesitate to use this thread again for quilting so if you have spools left from other sewing projects just go ahead and give them a try on a quilting project and see what you think about it for this purpose. 


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quiltonia said...

I have read that Poly thread is not made in different weights like other fibers. The Superior thread web site has a lot of information on thread and is a good resource. Thanks for sharing your testing with us.
More snow on the way?? Oh, my, when will it end? A neighbor in GI.


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