Monday, April 22, 2013

Machine Quilting With Mettler Metrosene Thread

IMG_2819Today I am showing you an example of another general purpose thread you might have purchased for sewing clothing.  It is Mettler Metrosene Plus, a 100% polyester thread.  It is marked 100/3 so am assuming it is 100 wt. or that might be a texture number and that it is a 3 ply thread.  It feels like a medium to light thread and doesn't have much lint.  It comes in many, many colors so getting one to match a quilting project would not be hard.IMG_2170I feel like a broken record here – stitched on Bernina 730 (old model not the brand new one) with BSR – stitch length 2.0 (Bernina Stitch Regulator).  Bottom Line thread from Superior Threads was used in the bobbin  plus the information on the type of batting is missing.  Another of those unlabeled scraps but think it is some sort of cotton batting by the way it feels.

For this sample I used a size 14 Quilting needle and had to adjust the tension a bit up to 4.5. 

This thread stitched out nicely and shows some backtracking but it doesn’t look too heavy and the color of thread would make a difference on the density of the backtracking too. 

Not much more I can say about this sample but I would not hesitate to use this thread again for quilting purposes. 


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