Thursday, April 4, 2013

Quilting with YLI Colors Thread

IMG_2154I have had this thread for sometime – not sure why I originally purchased it but maybe just because it is so pretty!  This is Colors by YLI, a variegated cotton thread that is quite thick.  It is a 30 wt. 3 ply thread so used a size 16 topstitch needle and increased the stitch length to 2.5.  The stitching on the left in the photo below has very bad tension.  I decided to re-thread the top thread and re-thread the bobbin before fiddling with the tension which I had set at 3.75.  That did the trick so am thinking that the top thread had not been in the tension discs when I first started stitching.  The second photo shows the back of the sample with the very poor tension on the right side.IMG_2154IMG_2152I again used Bottom Line thread in the bobbin and the sample has Mountain Mist White Rose 100% cotton batting.  As you can see this is a very small sample as I didn’t want to waste much of this thread since it was heavier there would not be as much wound on the spool in the first place.  I also found that when quilting with this thread I had better results when quilting at a slower speed.

The variegated color ranges from very dark to very light so I will want to keep this in mind when I use it on a real quilt.  It does make a bold statement though and the thread is pretty smooth and free of excess lint.

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