Sunday, April 7, 2013

Machine Quilting With Mettler Quilting Thread

IMG_2156The samples today were quilted with Mettler 100% cotton quilting thread.  It is a 40 weight 3 ply thread.  This thread is a tiny bit linty so you will need to check the bobbin area more often for lint build up if you quilt with this thread but it isn’t too bad.IMG_2155This thread quilted well on my quilt sandwich using a 16 topstitch needle, 2.1 stitch length and 2.75 tension using my BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator) on my Bernin 730.  The batting is Mountain Mist White Rose 100% cotton on the top sample and Fairfield Cotton Classic on the bottom sample and the bobbin thread was Bottomline by Superior Threads on both.

One nice thing about this thread is that it is readily available in most places, at least around here in Nebraska.  It comes in lots of different colors and is moderately priced.  There are 2 sizes of spools so you can get the larger size if you need it but it is nice to have a small spool for small projects too.IMG_2157I didn’t realize when I quilted the green sample with the rust colored thread that I had already quilted a sample using this Mettler Quilting thread in a blue color.  What was funny was that I made the same notes on the back about this thread.  I noted that I needed to adjust the tension, a bit of lint, thread buildup on backtracking and I would choose this thread again to machine quilt. 

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