Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Paducah Bound

The car is packed to the gills as we depart for Paducah this morning.  There are 5 of us going again this year-2 sisters, niece, & friend. 

I know it looks like we won't have room to buy anything but we have a plan.  The cooler and 3 of the bags have food in them as we always take things for the meals that we fix at Betty Jane's.  We don't want our sweet hostess to have to cook so treat her to our meals instead.

We can pack in a lot of stuff when we need to. 

We have had an adventure getting here so far.  It snowed in Nebraska and was 20 degrees otutside.  Can you believe on April 23 it would be that cold?  We drove in falling snow on the way to Kansas City yesterday...strange.  This morning it was snowing and 36 degrees at my sister's home.  She lives near Columbia, MO.  Sure hopes it warms up this week as I am tired of being cold.

These are my 2 sisters in the photo.


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Julie said...

Hope you have a safe trip!


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