Wednesday, March 18, 2009

EQ6 Setting

This is the photo I showed in my last post. I printed the ring out from my EQ6 program exactly the size I would use, cut out the inner circle and laid it over my actual block to see what it would look like.

This next photo is a print out from EQ6 in color. I played with the setting and to actually see what it might look like I put a copy of a photo I took of the block above and in EQ6 I used the set photo tool then sized it to match the size of the oval. The white corners of the photo covered some of the piecing so I couldn't get a really good idea of how it would look so took it one more step.

First I moved the correctly sized photo to the side of the quilt in the program then printed a couple of copies of it in color. The print out has both the quilt plan and the photo to the side. These printouts are not the same size as the original but the block is sized to be nearly in scale with the piecing so that is OK. I cut out the oval from the inside of the quilt then cut out the photo that was printed to the side and placed it under the cutout and taped it down. Ta Da....A fairly good rendition of my idea.
One last thing I did with these paper quilts is that I quickly cut out some of the flowers from the other copy and taped a group of them in the corner to see what that concept might look like. I really like the general idea of this quilt now so will work on paper piecing the oval to start.
Not sure if I will have a chance to sew unless it is later today if at all. I need to make a lasagna to put in the refrigerator for Friday and am also making some enchiladas to take to a friend today plus running to town for groceries, doing a little house get the idea, too many things getting in the way of sewing.

A good friend from college is coming here to do a trunk show for our guild meeting on Thursday night and staying at my house until we go to the workshop she is doing for the guild on Saturday. I have asked two other friends over for lunch on Friday so the Lasagna will be for that. Like to cook things ahead of time if I am having company as it makes the kitchen stay neater and I won't feel rushed on Friday morning that way either.

The enchiladas I will take to a friend that just got home from having a double mastectomy. She is a young gal only 38 yr. old. (By my standards anyway.) The lump she found did not show up on her mammogram last fall and again in Jan. Luckily her Dr. had an ultrasound done and then a biopsy to determine that it indeed was cancer. Guess this kind of cancer is undetected by a mastectomy and the Dr.s said it could likely show up in the other breast at some later time so advised a double mastectomy. My friend agreed. She will be undergoing chemo in a few weeks too. Besides the food I am taking a few of my DVDs and a couple books to her. Her mom will be here this week then she has to go home to Minnesota so will try to go see her as often as I can.

One granddaughter called me yesterday to ask me what my favorite season is. I told her the smells and the greening up of nature. She had to ask 10 people what their favorite season was for a school project. Think they were learning to graph. Always fun to visit with the kids!


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