Monday, March 9, 2009

Mini Bow Tucks Purse

Don't get me wrong but I was so glad when the party we had at our house was over on Saturday night. I enjoyed having everyone and had a good time but had been so anxious to get started sewing on something since it had been such a long time since I had touched my sewing machine. I just knew if I got a project out during the week I would have a gigantic mess to clean up as I am not a neat and tidy sewer and didn't want to have to do that so restrained myself and kept the machine covered and the fabric put away....sigh!

What a good feeling Sunday afternoon to pull the fabrics and pattern for the Mini Bow Tucks purse out and get started. I got all the pieces cut and the fusible batting ironed on the pieces that needed it and started quilting the bag lining. I showed the fabrics I selected for this purse on this blog entry.

The pattern said it didn't have to be quilted much but since I had been away from my machine so long I decided the lining to my purse was going to be heavily quilted. As you can see from the two sides below I do need more practice as there are lots of jiggles, wayward stitching lines and non-uniform shapes. I decided this was the inside so what ever I quilted was going to stay and just enjoyed the process. I quilted a feather design on one side and bubbles on the other. The quilting thread I used on these two panels is King Tut color # 930 on the top and Bottom Line color # 653 in the bobbin - both are by Superior Threads.

Now to quilt the outside of the purse today. Don't think I will do as much quilting on those pieces as the fabrics are busy patterned fabrics and the quilting wouldn't show much anyway.

I am so happy to be home now and sewing!!!!!!



Geta Grama said...

Beautiful quilting, Lynn. You will have a wonderful bag.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Hi there,
I made a regular size Bow Tucks bag with my friend. I posted it on my blog if you have time to take a look. I did cross hatch the bag, just to give it a Bradley look.

I love the colors you picked for your mini bag. Look forward to seeing it finished!



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