Friday, March 20, 2009

Quilt Guild Meeting

We had quilt guild last night but had a change of program because our speaker, a good friend of mine, got the flu. She called me around noon as she couldn't get hold of the program chairman of the guild to let me know she just was not going to make it. She did however give me the name of a friend that was willing to come do a program for us instead.

After making repeated calls to our president and VP with no answer I called another member and asked what I should do. We both agreed I should call the lady and see if she would come that night.

I called Gloria Hall who also lives near Lincoln and she graciously agreed to come and do a program for us. What a wonderful thing to do at the last minute - she said her friend Bonnie would do the same if the tables were turned. That is the sign of a true friend!

Anyway, Gloria came with her grandson and gave a wonderful program on quilts in her collection from 1800 - 1950s. She had done research on a lot of them and had great stories to accompany the quilts. If you are ever in need of a great program consider Gloria Hall. She has gone to Japan twice to teach and lecture and has lectured all over the US so I know she will travel. Check out her website here. She collects and sells quilts so check them out on the website too - Grandma's Quilts
Better get off the computer now and get ready for my lunch guests. My friend M had a birthday yesterday so I invited her and another friend over for lunch. The lasagna is made and the house is clean so just need to get myself ready.

Happy Quilting,

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