Monday, March 23, 2009

Machine Buttonhole Applique With Magnifying Lens

Had a chance to sew for a while yesterday and got some of the machine buttonhole stitching done on this tiny applique. I am using YLI 100 wt. silk thread and it is working great. I have the red flowers and their centers to applique yet plus want to do some thread work to make centers for the small periwinkle flowers then the block will be finished. By the way the bobbin sitting on the block is to give you an idea of the size of the block and applique I am working with.

I do love the magnifier lens set I purchased to go with my Bernina and use the .7 lens to see the small stitches on this applique. For those with Bernina machines I have the buttonhole stitch width set at 1.2 and the length set at 1.2 so it is very small and hard to see. I guess I should say as my eyes age the really tiny stitching is hard to see so these lenses are just the ticket for me!
This next photo is of the machine set up to do the stitching with the .7 lens attached and the one following it is without. You can see a how much it helps - in person it is a little more clear than the photos too. Also want to point out I use the #20 applique foot from my old 150 machine. The #20c that came with this machine has just a little too much space between the toes for me when I am working on miniatures. In fact I use this #20 foot almost exclusively when sewing miniatures. Since I do a lot of paper piecing I can see where I am sewing with this foot really well.

I backed away a little for this next photo so you could see how it is attached to the machine. There is this metal hook kind of thing that sticks out from the left hand side and the lens screw slips into the hook. You tighten the screw and are set to sew.
I had one of those hook things on my last machine and didn't know what it was for, now I know.

I hope to get this block finished and do the machine buttonhole on the block I first rejected. The stitching may make it better, who knows.

The wind is really blowing hard here today as it was yesterday and the dirt is going with it. It is awful outside and I am hoping I can stay in all day today and not go anywhere. Sometimes the stronger gusts are blowing dirt so thick it almost obscures the barn from sight from the house - reminds me of a blizzard. The weather report says we are supposed to get some rain this afternoon so I hope we do to help settle the dust. The wind is even blowing dirt out of my flower beds. They need water to help keep the dirt where it belongs but I sure don't want to get out to do it today.

Will put some music on to drown out the noise of the wind and get to stitching.

Happy Quilting to you all,

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