Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ready To Go Shopping!

I finished my new purse last night and I love it. I did make a few changes from the pattern though. I added another outside pocket, made the straps longer, used a snap closure instead of the button and loop and did not add the bows on the sides.

I left the bows off as I am really a klutzy person and knew I would probably catch them on something and rip them off. What I did instead was take tiny darts on the sides to make the ends fold in when closed.

I like the inside pockets and have them divided up for the different things I always carry such as my cell phone, tiny address book, a pen, etc. I have one larger area I didn't divide up and it kind of wants to hang open so think I will add a loop and button to that pocket yet.

Notice the quilted lining - I LOVE IT! What a nice thing to look at when I open my purse each time.

I covered two layers of plastic needlepoint canvas to lay in the bottom for support. It is light weight and you can stitch through it too. I did cut the corners off on an angle to keep them from wearing a hole in the corners of the insert or bag. I have seen purses/bags carried that have had the corners wear out because of the stiffening material they used in the bottom.

Since I like to carry my purses over my shoulder I lengthened the strap length from 20" to 28" so I could carry it over my shoulder even over a coat. The original length was just too short for me.

Today is really a dreary day out. We have been getting a light freezing mist last night and this morning. Must not be too icy out yet as the traffic going by on the highway is moving along. The sand/salt trucks were by early so that helped I am sure.

I really have to chuckle when I say "traffic" though. We see several cars/trucks go buy each hour, yes I said hour. That is really not traffic in any sense of the word compared to city or well populated areas. That is OK with me as I love living here in the country in the middle of the United States where our population is low!

Want to sew more today but haven't decided what yet - will let you know.


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Geta Grama said...

It is a perfect purse ! I love the outside fabric ! And quilted lining is such a nice idea. Beautiful !


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