Thursday, March 12, 2009

Purse Fix

Look what my batik purse has done - it is saggy and baggy! The double iron on interfacing was not stiff enough to hold up so today I am going to take the lining out and try to "stiffen" it up with some iron on fleece.

I know, I know, what a PAIN! If I didn't really like this purse I wouldn't be doing the repair work, but it has been fun to carry and I love the fabrics.

My two grandsons will be here by 10 this morning so plan to take it to the basement with a seam ripper and do the nasty part of taking it apart while I watch them play.

S is coming down to help her dad move our cows from the stock field they are at now back here. The cows will be starting to have calves in a couple of weeks so want them home to watch more closely.

John and S, along with some friends will be moving them the 5 miles on horseback. Will be a chilly job today for sure. The temperatures are only supposed to hover around the freezing point all day. Will try to get a photo or two if I can of the process but the boys and I may just stay home and wait until they get here.

My kindergartner grandson C has the day off so glad he can come along too. He would have been very disappointed to have to go to school if his brother M got to come down here and he didn't.

Better get off the computer and get ready for my cuties!


1 comment:

Geta Grama said...

Have a great time with the kids. I hope you will be pleased with your purse.


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