Sunday, March 15, 2009

Western Meadowlark

Yesterday morning I heard a very distinctive bird song so looked out the front door and saw a Western Meadowlark sitting in a tree in our yard. Made me think of spring to hear it singing. I don't know if they stay around all winter or not - don't remember seeing them but according to this website, Nebraska is supposed to be a winter site for them.

It was really singing and was staying put in the tree so grabbed my camera and zoomed up as much as I could to get it's photo. Was hoping to get it with it's beak open singing but that was not to be as it flew away after my first shot.

The photo is a little grainy as I cropped it to get a close enough picture of the bird. The original shot even with the 6x zoom was still quite a distance away as you can see from this original. It is amazing how close you can crop and still get a photo close enough to recognize even if it is a little fuzzy.
Worked on a new quilt project yesterday and will get photos posted after I crop and get them sized. I like to crop my photos at 800x600 which makes most of them 100K to 200K. Figure my free photo allotment on Blogger will last longer if I reduce the size of the photos. So far I have only used 5% and have been blogging almost a year. Are the photos large enough when you click on them to see what you want to see or should I be making them larger?

Still thinking of spring - temperatures are supposed to get into low 70s today. YAY! After last weeks below freezing days this is heaven.


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