Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Second Tiny Basket of Flowers

I have been working on another hopefully better version of my basket applique. Today I pulled brighter red for the large flowers and a periwinkle for the small flowers plus used light green fabrics for the leaves. The only fabrics the same on the two blocks are the basket, flower centers and background fabrics.

I placed the two blocks side by side for this photo to compare. I know the leaves look a little bland on the newest block but I intend to embroider veins to give them more distinction and some stems for the small flowers and leaves.
This next photo was taken with the black and white option on my camera. You can see all the leaves and flowers on the new block on the right. Again the stitching on the new leaves will help them show up better but do like the values of the different fabrics on the new block vs the first one I made.

I'm working with my Electric Quilt program to design the setting. This is one idea I have come up with so far. It would be an oval of paper pieced points surrounding the applique. If I use this I might do some applique flowers in the corners....not sure yet. I usually play with several ideas before I settle on one. Maybe I would do the ring with two shades of green fabric that kind of blend to minimize the sharp points. Don't want this border to distract from the applique.

I did get outside some today just to walk around the yard since it was so nice. Temps. were not quite as warm as yesterdays 80 F. but were still in low 70s. Warm weather sure gives me spring fever. I got some of my flower beds cleaned off yesterday and hope I didn't get in too big a hurry. We could still get some bad weather in March.

Our cows are supposed to start having their calves any time now. John checks them several times a day but so far none yet. Can't wait as they are so cute when they are little. Will keep you informed of our new arrivals!

Happy Quilting,


Geta Grama said...

Lovely blocks ! And what a nice setting you designed in EQ.

Anonymous said...

Wooow!!! It's very lovely.
Spring is coming!!!


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