Friday, March 13, 2009

Purse Fixed

In my last post I showed my saggy purse and today you can see the fix. The change doesn't show up in the photos as much as it does in person. The original posts about making the purse end with this one that shows the original purse just after I finished it. Over time the interfacing was just not stiff enough and softened up to make it un-attractive as well as very saggy.

Yesterday while my grandsons played I ripped and got it ready for more re-enforcement. I cut iron-on batting to fit both sides of the front and ironed them in place. Sounds easy but with the lining still attached to over half of the purse it was a jostling mess trying to turn it on the small sleeve board to get it attached.

I stitched over the original seams to hold it in place and maneuvered it under my machine presser foot and did a little machine quilting on the areas I could reach to hold it together better.

Tucked the lining back inside and cut a piece of the plastic needlepoint canvas to fit the bottom and inserted it inside the purse. Stitched it to the bottom seams then turned the lining back inside where it belonged. Did my hand stitching to close the opening then top stitched it around the top of the purse. It seems to stand up better now so hope it holds up after using it.

While I was in the fix it mood I decided to make a few other improvements on this purse. The strap had also gotten "wimpy" and kept folding up so I added a triple strip of fabric with batting fused to the back. Edge stitched it then re-stitched the other lines on it to help secure it. Like the feel of it better now. The strap was a little too long before so shortened it before I stitched it back on the purse.

The last thing I changed was to rip off the Velcro and use a magnetic snap on the flap and purse. The Velcro never did hold and the hook part of it was always snagging something. I had to put a patch on the flap with the snap attached then quilt on the lines that were on the front of the purse to hold it securely.

Took a little time to get it all done but I do like it better now. The lining is a little ripply but it will just have to stay like it is but from now on I want to add the iron-on batting to my linings and do quilting on them to make them just a little more sturdy.

Had a great time with my grandsons yesterday. The little one is just so much fun to listen too. He has more stories to tell and they are all long and involved and so funny but I dare not laugh at him as he is so serious.

C was glad he got to come along too as he didn't have school yesterday. Know he would have felt bad if M got to come see us and he didn't. He is only in kindergarten but has gotten so tall lately. I should say tall and skinny! S says she can't find jeans to fit for his long legs and skinny body. He has gotten used to baggy butt jeans and wears a belt to hold them up with even the slimmest of slims.

The weather has warmed up some today and think it is up to 45-50 this afternoon. Feels so good compared to the freezing temps. we have had for the last week.

Not sure what to work on next so you will have to stay tuned to find out.


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Geta Grama said...

You did a lot of improvements and the bag is great. I love the two-colors straps.


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