Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Other Block Finished

I finished doing the machine buttonhole stitch on the second block this afternoon. Actually it was the first block I made and decided the value was not good so made another one. This block does look better with the stitching done but still like the other one better as it is not so "matchy, matchy". Think I will keep it and work it into one of the auction quilts I need to make though as it is still nice enough looking especially after the buttonhole stitching was done.

To remember what it looked like before the stitching I posted a photo of it below. I did add a few more leaves, flowers and buds after this photo was taken though.

Now I need to plan for sure how I will finish these blocks into quilts. I will probably be working with my EQ6 to get it all worked out before I sew. That is what I do for most quilts even if I make some changes as I am going since it helps me to start out with a general plan.

We did get some rain yesterday - pounding rain that came horizontal. It didn't last long though but settled the dust. This morning we had a few flakes of snow and it is windy again but nothing like yesterday. It is much colder today too with the high only in the low 40s.

Until Later,

1 comment:

Geta Grama said...

Dear Lynn,
you are a master of these tiny appliques. I admire your patience.
How many blocks do you have ? I am anxious to see how you will set them in quilt.
I think you should make a quilt for the miniature contest in Houston !


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